Energy Healing

Often, we feel tired, angry, depressed, and generally “off,” unaware that negative energy, either our own or someone else’s, is stuck in our psychic space. Energy healing identifies and clears out any unhelpful energy that’s dragging you down. By lovingly, intuitively seeking and healing the underlying cause of your discomfort, I help you to break through your physical, emotional, and spiritual pain. After a thorough, deep cleaning of your psychic space, you will feel energetically balanced and refreshed, discovering your hope and humor again.
Each healing is unique, based on your spirit’s needs and desires. All you need to do is to come with an open heart and mind and a sincere desire to learn and grow. I am a master practitioner in over two dozen healing techniques. After listening closely to why you’ve come, I then open and listen to Spirit, providing whatever information and healing you need in whatever format your spirit requests, as your uniquely tailored session unfolds.
I strongly believe that we all possess the ability to connect with our own deeper knowing and healing powers. For those who are interested, I will guide you to access your own intuition to energetically heal yourself, both during our sessions and in the future.
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