Intuitive Readings

What should I expect during a reading?

Whether you’re experiencing a confusing or frustrating situation with your relationships, work, health, or living space, your psychic reading will uncover what needs to be seen and known. Important reminders and wake-up calls arise as negative energy and blocks are removed. Love, healing, warmth, humor – these are the energies that surround you as you rediscover your true self, and pathways for a more fun, full, and free life become clear.
Each reading is unique, based on your spirit’s needs and desires.
All you need to do is to come with an open heart and mind and a sincere desire to learn and grow. After listening closely to why you’ve come for a reading, I then open and listen to Spirit, providing whatever information and healing you need in whatever format your spirit requests, as your uniquely tailored intuitive reading unfolds.
During an intuitive reading with me, different things can happen:
Clair-everything: As we both open up to messages from Spirit, I may see colors, symbols, and objects, hear voices and sounds, smell specific scents, or get very profound gut feelings, all related to your particular situation and inquiry.
Mediumship/channeling: Often, relatives and friends who have passed or other spirits who dwell on the other side will have specific messages and instructions for you. In those cases, I shift into my medium role and channel whatever information needs to come through. Sometimes, these spirits will give their names and identify themselves as guides who are working with you in this life and perhaps other lives. Other times, they are unnamed, benevolent spirits who have shown up to contribute just to this particular reading. The spirits who arrive to speak through me are always loving, compassionate ones with your best interest in mind.
Past life reading and clearing: Often, energy and experiences from our past lives get stuck in our psychic space, coloring and sometimes negatively impacting our current realities. Should past life information arise during your reading, I will communicate it, and if necessary, clear and heal the old energy to restore your spirit to the present lifetime.
Energy reading and clearing: In many readings, I will uncover unhelpful energy in your chakras, aura, and other psychic space, both your energy and others’. When this occurs, I will interpret the energy for you and thoroughly remove it.
Shamanic healing: During some sessions, what your spirit will call in and what I will deliver is a Shamanic reading or soul retrieval, in which your power animals and other teachers will appear with important information for you as I journey to the Lower or Upper Worlds to retrieve their messages and return pieces of yourself you gave away or that were taken by others.
Medical intuitions: In still other readings, intuitive information about your health or medical condition may arise, with new approaches to healing. Please note that while I am extensively trained in alternative healing and emergency wilderness medicine, I am not a licensed medical doctor, and any information that surfaces should not be considered medical advice.
Space clearing: I am also available to read and clear the energy in your home, office, car, and other physical spaces affecting your wellbeing. Space clearing may be done in person, or by phone or Skype on a portable device.
Teaching: I strongly believe that we all possess the ability to connect with our own deeper knowing. For those who are interested, I will guide you to access your own intuition and to heal yourself energetically, both during our session and in the future.
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