Laser Insight™ Coaching

Still not where you want to be in your life, even after several intuitive readings and healings? Perhaps it’s time to tap into your own, innate intuitive abilities to guide yourself to where you want to be. Laser Insight coaching offers a potent, empowering way to ensure the transformation and outcomes you desire.
Laser Insight coaching is for those of you who would like to develop your own intuitive abilities, as you learn to quickly access your inner knowing to understand energetic and intuitive phenomena you’re sensing but don’t fully comprehend. As your intuitive coach, I guide you to your own answers during your intuitive reading and teach you several customized tools to remove the energetic blocks that are preventing you from being happy, so you can shift more easily and rapidly back to your highest, true self. While I am always here to assist you with my intuitive abilities, my ultimate goal is to help you access and trust your own inner wisdom to guide yourself to the life you want and deserve.
Coaching may be scheduled as an individual session or in a series. Each powerful, empowering session is 100% personalized. Different experiences and activities in a session might include:

  • Intuitive readings,
  • Energy cleaning,
  • Mediumship/channeling,
  • Past life reading and clearing,
  • Shamanic healing, and
  • The use of humor wherever possible.

Coaching can be done in person, by phone, or through Skype according to individual needs and goals.

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